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The user decides within a few seconds.

That's why you need yearslong experience.


Understanding. Improving. Astounding.

This is our longstanding best practice. empiriecom is the only e-commerce service provider in europe which is actively in charge of one of the biggest national online sale platforms. Since the year 2000 we are responsible for the setup and the continous advancement of

The benefit for you is that in all those years we have earned an unique expertise which enables us to adjust ourselves to new challenges in e-retailling, again and again. We can think in your shoes and adapt our services to your strategic needs. With the right methods and with the desired results.


Integrated Optimization.

Using the 360 degree view instead the tunnel vision: We encrease the economic efficiency of e-commerce enterprises with a methodic and empirical approach that integrates most diverse areas, from the strategy development and user experience through to mobile services.

Detect Problems Collect Ideas Judge Ideas Validate Solutions

Recognizing. Numbering. Implementing.

We find the hidden potentials in your e-commerce ventures. The synergy of key figures databases and project databases allows to do a comprehensive and multidimensional benchmarking, combined with over 15 years of successful implementation. We are able to detect latent potentials and to deduce prognoses for turnovers and results. Together with a continous market monitoring relating to new approaches and solutions we offer our customers an invaluable added value.

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The secret of a big turnover increase:

the many small decisions.


We know how to reach growth.

Because we do it for years. Confidence is good, a success story is even better. empiriecom can indeed show an impressing track record within the BAUR group:

  • mobile and tablet: threefold CVR increase
  • increase of the online marketing turnover by 3,5 times
  • halving of the cost-revenue-relationship

What can we do for you? Whether shoe shop, technical center, media & entertainment, finance or travel. We accomplish an increase of performance for most diverse e-retail enterprises. Methodically, efficiently, sustainably.